Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to bring anything. Just be hydrated by drinking water one to two hours before ems fitness training.  We provide a personal special undergarment designed for use during ems fitness training and a towel for a shower. You can either train in bare feet or in running shoes.

You can rest assure that XBody devices and our EMS Fitness trainers will keep you safe while training. XBody complies with ISO 9001  and we have also implemented an internal Quality Management System to provide confidence that the devices and related services fulfill requirements of a high-quality operation. Safety is further ensured by our thorough Education System. Our Client Education Program is completely unique in the world of ems fitness training and complements well our EMS Trainer Institute. Where our mission is to pursue to educate the trainers to the highest levels of expertise and to represent the utmost quality of service in all aspects.

Full-body EMS Fitness training helps you get your muscles toned, shed fat, reduce cellulite and increase calorie burning capacity. Circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced which can lead to firmer and more toned skin as well.

EMS Fitness training is ideal for people who want to recover from injuries quickly in a safe way. Clients can heal muscle or joint injuries with built-in rehabilitation and muscle re-education programs.

You should feel the energy immediately as you will be working your muscles in a deeper and more intense way than you have experienced before. By continuing your EMS Fitness training you will start to notice differences in your strength and posture. Just 20 minutes and two times a week you can begin to see visible great results.

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