Membership packages for all types of fitness goals


At EMS Fitness, we believe in the “try before you buy” approach. While EMS Fitness training can benefit just about anyone, we recognize that it is a new way of personal training and you may not be aware of the benefits. Therefore, we encourage all potential clients to try a session free of charge, so you can see what it’s about and decide whether you are ready to make a commitment.

Inside the studio, we will go over the many packages we have and you can choose the one that best fits your schedule and budget. The price per session ranges from $33 to $48.

All sessions are accompanied by a certified EMS Fitness Personal Trainer.

Still not sure? Try us for a month!

Some people need to experience more than one session before they can decide to sign up for a longer commitment. While you will immediately start to feel healthier and fitter, it may take four or five sessions for you to notice a change in your strength and posture, and seven or eight sessions before visible results are seen.

This makes our one-month package perfect for potential clients who are still on the fence. This package includes two twenty-minute sessions per week, for a total of eight EMS Fitness sessions.

3 Month Package

If you are aiming for a specific health and wellness goal, our popular three-month package might be what you are looking for. Maybe you need a gentle exercise approach as you rehabilitate from an injury. Or perhaps you have a big athletic competition coming up and you want to improve your performance. Or maybe you want to lose some inches so you can fit into a wedding gown or tuxedo for your big day.

Our three-month program will help you achieve these goals and more. It includes two twenty-minute sessions per week, for a total of 26 sessions, along with a body assessment that will help you focus on your fitness goals.

We have fitness packages for those who are in it for the long haul

Many people who sign up for our Vaughan EMS Fitness training sessions are not working towards a specific goal. Instead, they are choosing to make health and wellness an integral part of their lifestyle. If this describes you, consider signing up for our twelve-month package, which offers you the best value per ems training session. This package includes two twenty-minute sessions per week, for a total of 104 sessions, a body assessment, and a free EMS Fitness undergarment.

  • 5 star review  I hated the gyms and working out until now...EMS is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. The 20 mins is perfect for my short endurance and effective at the same time. I’m committed and don’t feel to miss any sessions !! Nelly is awesome

    thumb Gia Gia

    5 star review  super friendly and nice trainers. good equipment. 20 minutes and you feel like an hour workout.

    thumb Svetlana Fedoseeva

    5 star review  Great workout esp if you have injuries which can really hold you back in other workouts. My back pain is already getting better - thank you EMS!

    thumb Shel S
  • 5 star review  I worked out 2x a week at EMS training. i noticed that my strength is improving and my body is toning up. i love how i feel everytime i finished my workout. all trainers are great and the manager/owner is easy to talk to. i signed up and got a 6mos package. its a great investment and the best gift you can give for yourself! i highly encourage everyone to join and experience EMS training! its worth it! ?

    thumb lavinia so

    5 star review  Very friendly staff and clean facilities. After 5 sessions I started feeling lean and toned. Love that I can bring my kids and they can wait as the workout is super fast but effective.

    thumb Branca Franco

    5 star review  Very friendly ,knowledgable and helpful staff members ! I am always looking forward to my class ,it’s the best 20 minutes of my day. I would highly recommend for everyone to try.

    thumb Rachel Adler
  • 5 star review  Would recommend! Had a blast for the first session. The girl was informative and helpful. She didn't make me feel silly at all (when you go you will see why it can be a bit odd in a suit and all but actually very fun) she was encouraging. The suits sort of make you feel like a super hero getting ready. It was tons of fun and you really feel it afterwards. Go ahead book your appointment you will be sure to continue 🙂

    thumb Heather Stevens

    5 star review  Love this place. Incredible body transformation in 4 months, I would like to thank Darryl, Nelly, Carlos and Kiana for motivating me and giving me intense sessions.

    thumb Tayyab

    5 star review  Love this place, clean and fun staff. 20 min and twice a week very easy to schedule in my busy day.

    thumb Nghi Nguyen