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Located in Vaughan, EMS Fitness is a boutique studio providing a personalized workout experience that helps clients attain goals such as athletic performance improvement, maintenance or improvement of overall fitness, the building of muscle mass, fat reduction and more.

Workouts are based on electromyostimulation (EMS) technology, whereby electrical impulses are delivered to the skin via electrodes. This triggers muscle contractions that closely simulate the way muscles move during traditional exercise. What this means is that a twenty-minute workout session provides benefits equivalent to those realized during a regular ninety-minute workout.

What does EMS Fitness offer?

EMS Fitness offers a highly personalized approach to training that includes the following:

* Twice-weekly sessions lasting for twenty minutes, overseen by a trainer

* A complementary first session so you can see for yourself whether this is the right approach for you, before you make any commitment

* A personalized schedule of EMS training that is tailored to your needs

* Most plans include a free body assessment that enables you to set goals and work toward them

What is EMS training?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. It is a lot simpler than it sounds: mild electric impulses are delivered through electrodes, causing the muscles to contract in a manner that closely simulates the muscular movements that occur during more traditional forms of exercise. We use state-of-the-art equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and comfort, and our trainers are hand-selected for their expertise, dedication and experience.

Why not go to a regular gym?

While the more conventional fitness centres are a great option for people who have the time for extended workouts, or who enjoy rigorous workouts, EMS Fitness offers a convenient alternative for fitness in Vaughan. You can benefit from our EMS training sessions if any of the following applies to you:

You want to stay fit and healthy but don’t have a lot of time. At just 20 minutes per session, EMS Fitness training is within the reach of almost everybody.
EMS Fitness training is effective for performance improvement, maintenance or improvement of overall personal fitness, the building of muscle mass, fat reduction and much more.
Each session is accompanied by a personal EMS Fitness instructor. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance or looking to get in great shape. EMS Fitness training delivers solid results for all, at all levels.
Works Great For Everyone
You are coming back from an injury. Recovering from an enforced layoff from exercise can be challenging. EMS Fitness workouts are gentle yet effective, making it easier for you to regain your former fitness level without triggering your injury.

EMS Fitness can help you achieve a toned look and a beautiful body.


EMS Fitness can help you build muscle and increase strength.



What You Get:

  • 16 Sessions

  • (1) Initial consultation with an certified EMS Fitness Trainer

  • PLUS! If you complete the 8 weeks, you also receive 10% off a 6 month package


  • review rating 5  Would recommend! Had a blast for the first session. The girl was informative and helpful. She didn't make me feel silly at all (when you go you will see why it can be a bit odd in a suit and all but actually very fun) she was encouraging. The suits sort of make you feel like a super hero getting ready. It was tons of fun and you really feel it afterwards. Go ahead book your appointment you will be sure to continue 🙂

    thumb Heather Stevens

    review rating 5  Love this place, clean and fun staff. 20 min and twice a week very easy to schedule in my busy day.

    thumb Nghi Nguyen

    review rating 5  I’ve been going here for a year and it’s still my favourite workout. It’s only 20 minutes, 2x a week so it fits into my scedhule. The results are amazing, I highly recommend.

    thumb Riley Scott
  • review rating 5  Loved EMS Fitness. Staff was very professional and facility was clean. Great for anyone with a busy lifestyle as you only need 20 minutes for a full body workout!

    thumb Nicole Shantal

    review rating 5  Love this place. Incredible body transformation in 4 months, I would like to thank Darryl, Nelly, Carlos and Kiana for motivating me and giving me intense sessions.

    thumb Tayyab

    review rating 5  Amazing ambiance and atmosphere, which might be odd adjectives to describe a gym, but I think very appropriate for EMS Fitness. The 20-minute workouts are very effective and you see results after a few sessions. Very friendly and helpful staff, thank you, keep up the good work!

    thumb Wen W
  • review rating 5  Very friendly staff and clean facilities. After 5 sessions I started feeling lean and toned. Love that I can bring my kids and they can wait as the workout is super fast but effective.

    thumb Branca Franco

    review rating 5  super friendly and nice trainers. good equipment. 20 minutes and you feel like an hour workout.

    thumb Svetlana Fedoseeva
Members report increased energy
Members report reduced back pain
Members report toned body
Members report weight loss

If you are ready to begin your fitness journey at one of the best gyms in Vaughan, give us a call today. We will walk you through our training process, answer all of your questions, and get you set up for your complementary session.

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